About Us

Our Beginnings

Sunshine Club was founded by Nini Veloso in 2006 as a commitment to serve lunch to 60 of the most marginalized school children from Kalayaan Elementary School in Pasay City. This started as a  “backyard” outreach program supported by mothers and friends who were involved in preparing, cooking, and serving the meals every school day. Since then, the project has helped hundreds of children in terms of their health and nutrition, as well as in their school performance and personality development.  

Our Goals

The goals of the Club are to provide:  

How We Evolved

Our feeding program has been livened up by arts & crafts classes, occasional parties, and other fun activities where volunteers are able to mingle and interact with the children.  The program is further enriched by parental involvement in the formation of the children. Monthly sessions for the mothers are held in the form of classes on Doctrine, parenting, and livelihood skill-building.  We, the organizers, value a sound home-school collaboration that we believe will aid in the realization of our goals.  

As we work for the personal and spiritual development of the children, we organize activities that are both fun and educational.  During the summer we give free art classes to the primary-level children.  Whenever possible, we also send some former club members to leadership camps. During schoolyear 2018-2019, it was the first time that we were able to take the children on a big field trip to Ocean Park with the help of our donors. Part of our future plans is to expose them to more of these fun and educational activities.  

What Makes Us Special

What sets the Club apart is the family atmosphere. The kids stay on with the Club from Grades 1 to 6 and grow up together, almost like natural siblings. The friendships and camaraderie that are begun and sustained through the years are a source of lasting joy and hope for the families. And all these bring a little sunshine to their lives day by day. 

How do we fund the activities and the food donations? The club receives tremendous support from donors and volunteers. The club is 100% charity-based and it does not pay wages to any of its working members. By some miracle we have managed to run our activities and campaigns continuously since we started in 2006. 

To our beloved sponsors and donors, thank you for keeping the club alive with your generosity and unfailing commitment to our cause.